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Download these useful brochures and handouts about different aspects of gas drilling.

You can view them on your computer or print them out for yourself, for your friends and neighbors, for your associates, and for members of your community.

   NYRAD Tri-fold Brochure

The MYTH of "Clean" Natural Gas - What ALL New Yorkers Should Know.

This trifold brochure includes the following sections: 

  • 10 Reasons Why You Need to Be Concerned
  • What the Gas Companies Don't Want You to Know
  • How Toxic Are Fracturing Fluids?
  • Get Informed ~ Get Involved ~ Speak Out!

Click here to download: NYRADnewGasTrifold.pdf

Download NYRADnewGasTrifold.pdf

   Property Values Sheet

How Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Will Depress Your Property Values

This single-page 2-sided sheet gives the low-down on how property values can be affected by gas drilling nearby. It includes information about different types of mortgages, horizontal drilling and well-spacing, and compulsory integration.

Click here to download: HowMarcellusShaleGasDrillingWillDepressYourProperty Values.pdf

Download HowMarcellusShaleGasDrillingWillDepressYourPropertyValues.pdf

   Gasping in the gas fields

Some residents living near gas operations have complained of a variety of ailments, including headaches, dizziness, burning eyes, breathing problems, skin rashes, and sore throats.  This illustration shows how and why:

Click here to download: GaspingInTheGasFields.pdf

Download GaspingInTheGasFields.pdf

   Economics Tri-fold Brochure

The economics of extracting natural gas from shale formations

Who pays the bill?  Home owners, communities, and local industries.

This trifold brochure explains how gas drilling threatens your property values, increases state and local taxes, and adds little to the local economy.

Click here to download: ShaleGasEconomicsTrifold.pdf

Download ShaleGasEconomicsTrifold.pdf

   Hunting and Fishing Tri-Fold

Gas drilling threatens wildlife, habitat, access and safety. 

This tri-fold brochure includes sections on outdoor tourism, wildlife, and habitat, as well as some important questions to ask yourself before you hunt and before you eat what you hunt.

Click here to download: GasMain Hunting .pdf

Download GasMain Hunting .pdf