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Dear Susquehanna

Dear Susquehanna - The author of this blog says: "My family owns a beautiful farm (non-working) in Bradford County, PA, in a little hamlet called French Azilum. In the summer, we spend time there, resting, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the wild flowers, the bright stars and planets on a clear moonlit night, and swimming in the Susquehanna River. It is a paradise to us, and has been our retreat since the 1930s. If gas drilling is allowed to continue, Bradford County and all of Pennsylvania will be forever changed, ruined beyond repair."


The Marcellus Effect

The Marcellus Effect , by Sue Heavenrich, details and comments on a selection of gas drilling-related events in the Southern Tier. Read about local happenings from a more personal point of view.


Calvin Tillman, Mayor of DISH, TX

Calvin Tillman's blog  is essential reading if you are interested in what could happen to our air quality if the gas industry has its way and drills thousands of wells in the Southern Tier. The feisty Mayor of DISH, Texas, has taken on the entire gas industry on behalf of his tiny town. Last summer, Mayor Tillman and the DISH City Council decided to spend almost 15 percent of the tiny town's annual budget on an ambient air study in response to numerous health complaints from the citizen's of DISH. That study confirmed what many DISH residents had long suspected - the natural gas infrastructure around their town was emitting high levels of toxic emissions and making them sick.


Bluedaze Drilling Reform for Texas

Bluedaze (txsharon.blogspot.com) is an incredible source for finding out about what's going on in the Barnett Shale. Check out this blog to get an idea of the issues we will be facing here in New York if gas drilling comes to stay. The videos on this site are always outstanding, and there is lots of general info as well as Texas-specific information.